By Margaret Lyons
Updated April 03, 2009 at 08:01 PM EDT

The Jonas Brothers’ Disney Channel series has, at long last, its premiere date: Come May 2, tweenybopers across the land can get their recommended daily allowance of wholesome pop stars in an easy-to-digest, Hannah Montana-esque form. JONAS, the brothers’ “musical comedy” series, will also be available on-demand starting April 25.

Hmm. Even though their tour has been amazingly popular, The JoBro movie basically tanked, bringing in under $20 million, and I’m starting to wonder if maybe we wouldn’t mind seeing the guys grow up a little, maybe do stuff on their own — branch out? Particularly out of the sometimes treacly Disney mode? You want to be on TV, Jonas Brothers? We can figure something out.

Let’s get Kevin a guest spot on Greek. He wouldn’t even have to sully his oh-so-pure image! He could play, say, Dale’s buddy from a campus Christian group. Joe, though, is definitely due for a little bad-boy fun, and I think a Gossip Girl stint is just the thing. He can be a love interest for Serena — she loves the artistic guys, or so she constantly says — and he and Chuck can have a surly-eyebrow-scowlytimes contest. And Nick? Baby Nick? Nick is how we’re finally going to get more people to start watching Friday Night Lights. I don’t care if he can throw a football or not — Coach Taylor can teach anyone!

Whaddya think, PopWatchers? Can the Jonas Brothers conquer television? Or are they just a boyband?

addCredit(“Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic”)