By Jean Bentley
Updated December 20, 2019 at 11:32 AM EST
Credit: Mark Arbeit/TLC; Everett Collection

PopWatch said a lot of goodbyes this week: Everyone’s favorite critically acclaimed medical drama signed off after 15 years, everyone’s favorite mess of a former NBA star got fired by Donald Trump, everyone’s favorite ”caw”-ing Idol singer failed to win America’s vote, and everyone’s favorite longest-running daytime soap is thisclose to getting the ax for good. Take a moment to pour one out for our pop culture homeys, and then join us as we Enter the Fray.

10. You shared your favorite ER moments as Whitney Pastorek recalled the day she saw the pilot episode of the show.

9. Dennis Rodman was kind of a train wreck on this week’s Celebrity Apprentice.

8. Idolatry figured out the secret behind Kristy Lee Megan Joy Corkrey. You have to watch to find out.

7. You MUST check out the inaugural edition of our Must List Live video series, starring Dalton Ross doing the Slumdog Millionaire dance (and I guess some other stuff, too). Trust me, you’ll like it so much you’ll watch it three times. And want a GIF of it.

6. Whitney Pastorek dutifully reported live from the Idoldome for another week of behind-the-scenes stories about Megan Joy’s brother heckling Kara, Lady GaGa’s face zipper, and more.

5. The American Idol performance show this week made Michael Slezak hate ”current” songs, and the results show made his palms sweat.

4. It’s kind of a shame that he had to take to the media to defend his personal hygiene, but Robert Pattinson does, indeed, shower. In case you were wondering.

3. PopWatch PopQuiz: Who tops this week’s American Idol Power List? You get one guess, and one guess only. If that guess isn’t Adam Lambert, you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

2. Lynette Rice reported that Guiding Light‘s days are numbered. You mourned the show and the not-so-sunny-looking fate of the daytime soap genre.

1. Jon & Kate Plus 8 got renewed for another season…yay? Margaret Lyons wondered if you’re sick of the oversized family, or if you can’t wait for more.

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