Credit: John Stillwell/AP Images

On their first visit the United Kingdom, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama presented Queen Elizabeth II with a gift: an iPod. Now, that sounds kind of inexpensive (and inappropriate) for an 82-year-old monarch, but it turns out the iPod was part of a larger gift: a rare book of songs from famed Broadway musical composers Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, signed by Rodgers in May 1952. The iPod was loaded with showtunes, including songs from British-based musicals “My Fair Lady” and “Camelot.” It’s kind of cool, but it got us thinking: If you were going to give an iPod to the ruler of the British empire, what songs would you load on it? So here’s your chance PopWatchers. What would you put on Her Majesty’s playlist?

addCredit(“Obama and First Lady with Queen Elizabeth: John Stillwell/AP”)