By Adam Markovitz
Updated April 02, 2009 at 07:10 PM EDT

With the launch of its 2009 “Green is Universal” campaign, NBC is once again hoping that its reputation as an environmentally conscious network will help boost its saggy viewership. In past years, the network plugged its initiative with PSAs and guest stars (like Al Gore on 30 Rock). We’re not exactly sure what greenery NBC has in store for this year, but we’ve got a few suggestions for kicking it up a notch in ’09:

Harness the power of The Biggest Loser
Contestants on the weight-loss competition are constantly working out — but all that spent energy is going nowhere. Why not hook their exercise equipment up to generators so that every step and squat produces electricity for the show’s camera equipment? An on-set desalination plant could also turn that sweat into drinkable water, which could be bottled and sold alongside the show’s bath scales and panini makers.

Cancel America’s Got Talent
Noise pollution is still pollution.

Recycle old shows
Oh, wait. They’re already doing that.

Looks like NBC may have a slightly different strategy in mind (check out one of their green tips videos below). But go ahead, PopWatchers, and tell us what YOU think is the best way for NBC to go green this year?

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