April 02, 2009 at 09:10 PM EDT

John Mayer debuted a new track on his recent “Mayercraft” cruise called “Heartbreak Warfare,” and it is now being widely reported (or at least suggested) that the song concerns his relationship with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston. Me? I’m not so sure. Having spent some time with the dude, it seems like a too-obvious move on his part, and it wouldn’t be the first time a Mayer song has been misinterpreted. There are still a lot of people who believe “Your Body Is A Wonderland” is about another ex-flame named Jennifer — Ms. Love Hewitt. (Note to self: trademark the phrase “Flame-ifer” as soon as possible). But that song was penned long before he started stepping out with the future Ghost Whisperer.

Anyway, take a listen to “Heartbreak Warfare” and tell us what you think.

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