By Alynda Wheat
Updated April 02, 2009 at 06:00 PM EDT

They’re famous, they’re fantastic — so why can’t they find a show that sticks? We all know who we’re talking about — those unlucky few actors who, for whatever reason, keep landing on TV series that don’t last. (We’re hugging you, Carla Gugino, Geena Davis, Neal McDonough, and Jason O’Mara.) Fingers crossed, we just might be kicking Donal Logue out of the club.

I know what you’re saying: But he was on Grounded for Life! Yep, and absolutely nobody but you and me paid any attention to that delightfully quirky family sitcom. Since then, Logue’s guested here and there (Monk, Damages), and served as a human Hacky Sack on ABC’s The Knights of Prosperity, which not only had two name changes (from Let’s Rob Mick Jagger and I Want to Rob Jeff Goldblum), it could never find a decent time slot.

But now Logue has Life. As Capt. Tidwell, who joined the precinct this season and promptly started sleeping with his underling, Det. Reese (Sarah Shahi), Logue grounds the occasionally flighty cop drama. He’s a little chunky, unruly, unkempt — basically, he looks way more like a cop than either of our two very pretty leads, Shahi and Damian Lewis. (Do not look at me like that, I love them — I’m just saying!) And his affair with Reese, which looked a tad icky when it first started, now seems genuine and sweet, just enough “awww” with our impalings and beheadings.

Here’s the thing: Life‘s future is by no means guaranteed. You ready for the scary numbers? Last season it was the 70th most popular show on network TV, and this year it’s up against Criminal Minds and American Idol, and you so know what that means. So here’s what I’m thinking: We watch Life. If you missed it last night, try again Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on NBC. It’s a seriously good show, gives Lewis a reason not to go back to England, and keeps Logue employed — excellent reasons, all.

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