By Margaret Lyons
April 01, 2009 at 08:46 PM EDT

Wanda Sykes is getting her own late-night show. My first instinct was to feel anxiety — Argh, these shows fail so much more than they succeed! But I’m going to push that reaction aside and get psyched. Sykes is hilarious, and I’m tired of seeing her only play second fiddle (Old Christine, I’m looking at you). Count me in. As Diddy would tweet, Let’s go!

Sykes’ talker will be a “high-energy one-hour show will feature biting commentary on topical issues and heated panel discussions with recurring personalities,” according to a Fox press release, and it would only air on Saturday nights — so its competition isn’t Leno and Letterman so much as SNL and…whatever else is on Saturday nights at 11 p.m. Part of me would rather see Sykes on cable — her R-rated material is gold — but I’m optimistic, given how natural she is on other talk shows. Here she is on Ellen (also embedded below), on Leno, and on Craig Ferguson, proving she’s an ideal guest: consistent, topical, funny, and genuinely having a conversation and not just doing her bit. Here’s hoping those qualities carry over into her hosting duties.