By Missy Schwartz
Updated July 30, 2020 at 08:52 AM EDT

Put your hands together, Project Runway fans, because this is no April fool’s joke. At long last, our beloved show is free from the chains of ugly, drawn-out lawsuits and will air on Lifetime this summer. The Weinstein Company, NBC Universal, and Lifetime have settled. Hurrah! The news broke today, almost a year to the day after NBC Universal slapped The Weinstein Co. with a lawsuit for breach of contract, and more than a month after Runway’s sixth season finale taped at Bryant Park. Auf wiedersehen, hot tranny legal mess!

When the settlement announcement popped up in my inbox this afternoon, I was surprised. In February, it wasn’t looking like a speedy resolution was in the cards. But here we are, potentially just weeks away from listening to Heidi chirp, “Designers, are you ready for your next challenge?” This is all terrific news, of course — especially for the season 6 designers, who have gotten royally screwed by this legal standoff. And we needn’t cry for Bravo. Yes, the network lost its flagship show, but it also pocketed a chunk o’ change from The Weinstein Co. And certainly, it’s no coincidence that mere hours before announcing the Runway settlement, Bravo released a statement trumpeting their replacement series, The Fashion Show, which debuts May 7. The only question is, will the Lifetime Runway hold as important a place in our tender, obsessive hearts as it once did? Is there a chance it — horrors! — will feel passé? Me, I choose to err on the side of optimism. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go uncork some of my fiercest bubbly.

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