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April 01, 2009 at 10:42 PM EDT
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First of all, I’m sorry for the late posting. My cat had to go to the hospital last night so I didn’t get to finish up the blog. He’s doing well but he’s quite aged — 19 years old — and he’s got a large growth in his lungs. So, we welcome prayers for his health. He’s a wonderful cat and has been a strong support system in my life. He’s the one with me in my PETA ad. His name is Shadow…and if you met him, you’d love him…but I know you are all are waiting to hear about this week and ready to share your thoughts.

Thank you again for your responses last week. Some of you were still confused about the voting but I think if you re-read what I wrote last week, it will make sense. This week, nothing went wrong with the voting or scoring from the judges, but I think most of you saw that when Tom announced a contestant, the wrong video package started — that was a little mishap that happened. From what I hear, our technical director was sick — and considering the state he was in, he made it through the show with flying colors. We had a lot of sick folks this week. Samantha was under the weather, although looked gorgeous as usual. Her voice was a few octaves lower than usual (and quite sexy I might add) but we give her props and congratulations for making it through what was quite a rough week on her. She’s on vocal rest this week, so if you happen to run into her, don’t tempt her to speak. It’s very bad for the vocal chords to whisper….so let’s wish Samantha well this week and a speedy recovery!

After the jump, Carrie Ann discusses Ty Murray’s dramatic improvement and last night’s double elimination, Lil’ Kim, Boyz II Men, and more!

This week was an exciting week. There were performances that reallyshifted the dynamic of who is who in the top three contestants and whythey are there. Lil’ Kim really came out from behind and pushed her waypast Shawn Johnson to secure a nice spot in the top three. She provedherself with that incredible routine choreographed by Derek Hough. Hersophisticated side came out in the Argentine Tango and I think she hasfound a new side of herself as a performer. With Lil’ Kim, I have tosay that I am very curious to see where her career will go after thisseason. No matter where she ends up in our show, I do believe that shewill have rejuvenated her career and will have many opportunities openup to her if she continues like this, unveiling layers and unearthingnew facets of her performing persona.

Once again, the star of this week was Gilles. Yes, he is a sexyperformer and exudes something very attractive on the dance floor;however, what made his performance this week was the minimalistapproach to the routine. You see, performers who don’t have substancecannot do routines like that. The choreography was without flashy anddistracting moves, it was instead filled with sustained simplicity thatrequired real control and a sustained emotional connection to the danceand performance that cannot be faked. This is what made Gilles the starin my opinion. Yes, the “sexy” is great, but what is fantastic is thedepth with which he performed that Argentine Tango. I think it may havebeen the most powerful and moving dance I’ve ever seen on our show.Congratulations to Gilles and Cheryl for creating real art on ourtelevision studio stage. It was not an easy accomplishment.

Another exciting moment for me was seeing Ty Murray and Chelsie’sLindy hop. This guy is such a wonder to me. I have spent a lot of mycareer working with non-professional dancers, performers who are new tothe idea of “performing.” I would put Ty into this category. Althoughhe is a highly respected bull rider, I would not consider that aperformance — you are not trying to please the crowd with what you aredoing. In fact, the crowd is there more to witness the“ride” and your ability. This is a different dynamic than creating aperformance for the audience’s enjoyment. Usually, non-performers donot know how to use their arms very well. In general, if you look atsociety, a lot of people have terrible posture. Their upper bodies arelifeless and expressionless. They never learned how to use that part oftheir body. (Of course, Bruno is the opposite of what I am talkingabout.)

Because of this, I find it so great to see a non-performer with suchstrength and control and agility in his upper body. This is what makeshim so fantastic to watch and has helped enable him to grow by leapsand bounds. This is also without a doubt because his partner Chelsie isa great teacher. They have wonderful chemistry together. Chemistry isnot always sexual. They have a partnership that is filled with a mutualrespect and understanding of each other that is apparent with everystep they do on the dance floor. Real trust means that they can takereal risks in rehearsal so that he can grow the way he is growing onthe dance floor. Congratulations Ty and Chelsie! Great work this week.How will he do when he gets something like the Samba? I’m not sure howhis hips will work but I’m sure he’s up for the challenge. Next weekthere are two dances that he should do well with — the Paso Doble andthe Viennese Waltz. Both of these dances have a structure to them and aposture that is more on the upright side of the scale of upright tosensuous and curvy. So, I expect that they will do well next week again.

BTW, did you see Jewel in the audience? She looked beautiful. I lovethat simple look of an easygoing hairstyle with very glamorous jewelryand a classic black dress. She’s adorable. I hope she ends up doing ourshow next season. It looks like her foot is slowly healing. I didn’tsee her come in with crutches this week. I’m glad there wasn’tpermanent damage.

Okay — on to what you all want to talk about — the doubleelimination. What did you think? I found it quite sad. I didn’t likelosing two couples. Especially because the two couples we lost wereobviously very nice people. Holly Madison — I just have to share this:Because I’ve been working in television for over 20 years doing danceand choreography, I always watch people’s professionalism on stage whenthe camera’s are off. Let me tell you that some of the coolest peopleon screen are completely self-absorbed and rude off-screen.  I’m sureyou all know this already. But what was so impressive about Holly wasthat she was usually the first one out on her mark when we’d come backfrom commercial break. The stage manager Rob also told me after she waseliminated that she was like that at rehearsals as well. We are notallowed in the building during their rehearsals but I think she shouldbe commended for that. It is a nice quality to see in a person. From achoreographer’s point of view, that is an important quality to have.So, it was sad to see her go. I found her also to be an interestingperson to get to know. I wish her well on her next adventure.

Now what about the WOZ? It was his time. I think had he lasted anylonger, it would have been uncomfortable to watch. I know he pulls atyour heartstrings. He pulled at mine too, and I am honored to have hadthe chance to meet such a genuine and sweet person. And it was a joy tosee someone find such joy in what I have committed my own life to –DANCE. That does not happen often and for that I will always hold aspecial place in my heart for THE WOZ.  Good luck Steve…I bet hecontinues in social dance classes…look for him on dance floors near you!

I would now like to share with you ladies out there something aboutthe dress I was wearing on Monday. I get questions in my inbox aboutwhat I wear on the show. Designers loan me dresses to wear — so far,I’ve worn dresses from Nikolaki, Randolph Duke and then this week Iwore a dress from Jean Fares Couture and I have to say it wasincredible. I have never seen a dress like this and since you all onlyget to see the top half of my dress, I wanted to share it with you. Itwill be posted on my website later today

Last but not least — I thought Tuesday’s performances were fantastic! I loved watching Artem dance. He was in thenumber that Derek choreographed to Kevin Rudolf’s performance. It wasfantastic. That number was impactful! You didn’t see that Julianne’stop almost fell off during the first pre-tape. So they had to do itagain. The performance by Boyz II Men was incredible. They are sotalented and such crowd-pleasers. I haven’t seen such an energeticperformance in a long time. I’d like to see Wanya Morris (the one inthe middle last night) come on our show as a contestant. He’s got sucha sweet face and can move like you wouldn’t believe unless you saw itin person. Well, for now, we’ll just stay focused on this season.

Until next week, thanks for being here and reading. Sorry I didn’tanswer a lot of questions, but I will next week. This week was verybusy — I choreographed the finale of the Kids’ Choice Awards with DwayneJohnson and a special appearance of the Jonas Brothers, and thenpresented at the Genesis Awards, where they honor the mediafor various levels of exposure of inhumane treatment of animals. So,I’m a little pooped this week. Keep sending me your questions and I will answer more next week.

Have a great week. And thank you for watching our show. I LOVE THIS SEASON!

Carrie Ann

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