By John Young
Updated July 30, 2020 at 01:55 PM EDT

Disney made a slew of 3-D announcements today at their ShoWest presentation in Las Vegas. The biggest news is that both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 will be released as a 3-D double feature on Oct. 2, and that the special presentation will play for two weeks only. Previously, Disney had planned to release the movies separately. Disney also revealed that Tim Burton’s 3-D reimagining of Alice in Wonderland will be shown in IMAX 3-D in addition to regular 3-D, and that the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast will be rereleased — yes, in 3-D — on Feb. 12, 2010.

Disney’s decision to release the Toy Story movies as a double feature surprises me. There’s no word yet on what theaters will be charging for admission, but the last double-feature experiment — Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse — was a box office disappointment. I’m sure the Toy Story double feature will have no trouble surpassing Grindhouse, but still, wouldn’t it have been more advantageous financially for Disney to release the movies separately?

As for Beauty and the Beast, I’m extremely curious to see how that traditionally animated movie will be transformed into three dimensions. Yet, part of me secretly wishes Disney would leave the film alone. Isn’t going back and adding a third dimension to Beauty and the Beast somewhat analogous to colorizing a black-and-white classic? But, if this weekend’s $59.3 million haul for DreamWorks’ Monsters vs. Aliens means anything, it’s that audiences are more than willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a 3-D “enhanced” movie.

What’s your take, PopWatchers? Are you all gung-ho about all the 3-D movies in the pipeline, or do you not see what the big deal is? And will you be purchasing tickets to hang with Woody and Buzz in 3-D?