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March 31, 2009 at 12:15 PM EDT

Peter Bjorn and John

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‘Spooky’ isn’t a word most people would use to describe Peter Bjorn andJohn. There’s nothing spooky about the band’s ubiquitous,whistle-driven track “Young Folks,”save maybe for the song’s omnipresence in pop culture. But that is exactly the word bassist Bjorn Yttling used to describethe Swedish trio’s latest album, Living Thing(in stores today). “There are a lot of strong rhythms and dance-ymoments on the record, but at the same time it’s pretty dark,” he says. “A lot ofthe sounds are spooky. It’s fun to listen to because you’re not in yourcomfort zone, you’re not sure what it is you’re hearing. It’s prettycool.”

Kanye West certainly thinks so. But then, West has been a fanof theirs for a while, having done a cover of “Young Folks.” InJanuary, West premiered the band’s new-single,”Nothing to Worry About”, on his never-dull blog. Yttling said he was flattered by West’s enthusiastic endorsement, especially since he was such a fan of 808’s & Heartbreak(though auto-tune isn’t necessarily something they’d experiment with).”We played him the song and he seemed to really like it. It’s alwaysgreat when people like your music, especially music-heads like him who listens to lots of different kinds of music.” Yttling says he’d be open to collaborating with West or another hip-hop titanin the future. “We’d love to work with different people. I know myfriends in the Hives, for example, worked with Timbaland, so why not?”

Yttling is a little less enthusiastic about the way fans have started abbreviating their name: PB+J. He claims to have been blissfully unaware of the brown-bag lunch favorite until just acouple of years ago. “We eat proper food in Sweden, so we don’t havethat,” he says. “We didn’t know [about peanut butter and jelly] when we put theorder of the band together.” A land without peanut butter? Now that’sspooky. But probably not as eerie as some of the dancing in the”Nothing to Worry About” video, which you can watch after the jump.

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Peter Bjorn and John

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