Doc Jensen previews tonight's ''Whatever Happened, Happened'' (he was on the set), and then takes us on a ''definitive journey'' down the road paved when Young Ben served Sayid a paperback copy of ''A Separate Reality'' with his chicken salad

By Jeff Jensen
March 31, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Is Young Ben dead? If he dies, how might Lost history be altered? If there are alterations, would they be substantial or not as significant as our hyperactive imaginations may think? Tonight’s episode, ”Whatever Happened, Happened,” offers the promise of answers. But does the title give them away? ”Whatever Happened, Happened” is the phrase that Daniel Faraday used back in ”LaFleur” to summarize his belief that the castaways aren’t creating a new version of the past, but rather merely creating the past that has always existed. And yet, one episode later in ”Namaste,” Sawyer says that Faraday ”has some interesting theories on what we can and can’t do here.” I didn’t take that to mean that Faraday has reversed his position, but rather that his position has become more nuanced. Might there be permissible exceptions to the ”whatever happened, happened” principle?

While we wait for clarity, allow me to share this crazy, twisted thought that just entered my head: What if Young Ben neither lives nor dies in this episode but instead…falls into a coma? What if the rest of season 5 proceeds with the tension of knowing (and worrying) that should Ben die, history-negating paradox may occur? What if in the very last scene of the season, time-traveling Desmond, full of vengeance toward Ben for killing Penelope and Young Charlie, sneaks into Young Ben’s hospital room, pulls the plug on Young Ben’s life-support machine, and causes time to implode?

Sawyer: I thought you said this wouldn’t happen!?
Faraday: I was wrong!
Desmond: See you in another life, bruthas!

What if the final season of Lost will tell the story of the all-new, all-different, Ben-free history of the castaways, which will include a moment where Jack and Sayid find ”one of them” in Rousseau’s nets, and when they go and investigate, they will find a guy that they don’t recognize, a guy who will call himself ”Henry Gale,” a guy who was always meant to be on the Island and rule the Others instead of Ben, a guy we know as…John Locke?

Like I said: crazy and twisted. Lost would never really do that. Right? But I do like my Coma Boy Ben conjecture, so I’m placing $10 with Milo, my local Lost bookie, on its accuracy.

See the first of three videos in today’s Doc Jensen column below. This one recaps last week’s episode, ”He’s Our You.”


As it happens, I visited the Oahu set of Lost back in January while they were shooting ”Whatever Happened, Happened.” Somehow, I escaped the experience without anyone letting anything slip about the Sayid-shooting-Young Ben thing or its outcome. But I did learn that the episode focuses on Kate. ”This is the linchpin episode for Kate this season,” Evangeline Lilly told me during a break in shooting. ”This is the episode where we understand why Kate made the decision to come back to the Island. The entire Kate story for season 5 is revealed here in this episode, so it’s been very cathartic to finally reveal to everyone what’s going on behind the mask for 11 episodes. What I always hope is that people would go back and re-watch episodes and think, ‘Oh, so that’s why she reacted like that in episode 5 of season 5!’ There’s so much more than meets the eye.” So tonight, we will get some insight into what happened to Aaron — and I’m pretty sure we’ll finally learn what Sawyer whispered into Kate’s ear during the season 4 finale.

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