By Leah Greenblatt
March 31, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Rejoice, fans of Bat for Lashes’ spooky-beautiful 2007 debut Fur and Gold! Two Suns, the kohl-eyed musical mystic’s April 7 follow-up, is available for streaming today on MySpace — but we have something even cooler for you.

The “Two Suns Total Eclipse Megamix” features a piece of every track from the record, woven together by DJ John Fewel under the strict supervision of BfL (a.k.a. 29-year-old Brit Natasha Kahn), and interspersed with audio clips from The Karate Kid — the inspiration behind the album’s first single, “Daniel.”

You know those time-collapse PBS nature films, where flowers blossomand clouds rush across African plains at accelerated, oddly gratifyingspeeds? This is sort of like the trippy, unicorn-fancy-dancing aural equivalent.

But if you’re a Fur fan, don’t take my word for it, sensei; listen below and tell me if you think the Sun also rises:

addCredit(“David Sherry”)