By Margaret Lyons
Updated March 31, 2009 at 10:53 PM EDT

Disney/ABC and ESPN signed a deal with YouTube this week to start posing short-form content from ABC, ABC Family, ABC News, and SoapNet in the near future and ESPN as soon as next month. According to Variety, ESPN’s YouTube front will “incorporate the [station’s] video player; additional short-form ESPN content also will be available on the YouTube player.” I really, sincerely hope this means a Bill Simmons vlog is on its way. Teach me how to cook food from the Depression, Sports Guy!

Anyway, yay. YouTube seems like the easiest, most popular way to distribute relatively short videos, and we all know anything worth seeing winds up on YouTube sooner or later — networks might as well take the lead and publish their own content their way. I hope this is but one step in the online-ification of ABC’s content, and what I really hope is that the next step is Hulu.

I’m wild about Hulu, duh, and not just because I watched His Girl Friday just for funsies on it the other day, but also because it actually works better than its competitors.’s ads autoplay (and play louder than the content — I’m going to kill you, fish sticks commercial!), and’s video player requires viewers to click every 15 minutes. Uuuugh.’s works well enough, but the site’s navigation makes it tough to find exactly what you’re looking for. Hulu’s also the only site that lets you easily create your own excerpt from a longer video, which really, really comes in handy. ABC, be a pal and get in the Hulu hoop. Loop. Something.

Here’s a little clip from Chicago Hope, which I’m clipping and posting for the same reason that Mallory climbed Everest: general exercise because it was there.