After touring the festival circuit last year, director Ceri Levy’s documentary about the Gorillaz will premiere on on April 20. Filmed over the course of seven years, the movie — aptly titled Bananaz — offers a candid behind-the-scenes look at the real-life band behind the animated characters, following from the inception to the eventual evolution of co-founders Damon Albarn’s and Jamie Hewlett’s brainchild. Highlights include guest appearances by everyone from Danger Mouse and the late Ibrahim Ferrer to…Dennis Hopper? “Damon and Jamie had this track called ‘Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head’ on [2005’s] Demon Days and they thought Dennis would be great to narrate it over music,” says Levy. “They approached him and he said yes. Next thing I know, I’m sitting there like a child waiting for him to do his thing at this small little studio in London. It was pretty exciting when he walked in — Dennis Hopper was in the room doing what Dennis Hopper does, and it was fantastic.” He’s not lying. Check out this exclusive clip of Hopper laying down his vocals.