By Ken Tucker
Updated March 30, 2009 at 05:35 PM EDT

Comedy was king last night — specifically King Baby, the concert comedy special starring stand-up Jim Gaffigan, the master of sloth-humor. Later in the evening, the fascinatingly weird Delocated!, on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, wrapped up its first season.

Gaffigan, the tall, white-blond, pasty-faced comic who also appears on the sitcom My Boys, has cornered the market on jokes about being all-American lazy: an infantile adult. His stand-up act, taped in Austin, was all about lying around (on couches; in hammocks), avoiding exercise (he loves escalators and airport moving sidewalks), and extolling the dubious nutrition of glorious bacon:

Gaffigan’s a funny man. He’ll never be mistaken for a revolutionary artist, but he’s a solid pleasure-emitter.

Delocated! is also created by and stars a funny white guy — Jon Glaser, former staff writer for Conan O’Brien and Human Giant — but his show is a lot weirder than Gaffigan’s. The premise is that Jon moves to Manhattan in the witness protection program (the reason for this isn’t revealed). He lives a normal life, walking around town, searching for a job, coming on to women… while wearing a black ski-mask and speaking through voice-distortion to keep his identity secret.

The effect of this is deadpan-amusing, as when Jon went to look for a job in the pilot episode:

The season finale of Delocated! was satisfyingly self-conscious. In an episode entitled “Sick Of It!,” Jon ordered the camera crew to stop following him around to film Delocated!. But before that could happen, Jon was shot dead. Or so the other people on what his wife called “this stupid show” thought. Delocated! is anything but stupid. Here’s looking forward to a second season.

Did you watch King Baby? Delocated? Both? Did one seem funnier to you than the other?