Stars! They’re just like us. Except for the complete inability to complete normal household tasks, such as getting stains out of a carpet or putting sheets on a bed. PUTTING SHEETS ON A BED. Seriously. Last night’s Celebrity Apprentice followed the teams as they acted as concierge/room service/housekeeping in Manhattan’s Loews Regency hotel. While the women did things like ”get the stuff their guests wanted,” the men put Dennis Rodman in charge and he proceeded to get drunk and talk to guests about the great strip clubs in their hometowns. Good choice. In the words of Brian McKnight, ”He speaks in a language that not all of us understand.” Unsurprisingly, Dennis got the boot when the men lost.

Do you think he deserved to go? Which team’s hotel service did you prefer? Which was more entertaining, Brian McKnight’s lovely phone demeanor or Rodman’s woefully short attention span? Where was Khloe during the first day of the challenge? And which celebrity guest had the most outlandish requests, Stephen Baldwin or Vincent Pastore?