By Whitney Pastorek
Updated March 29, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Went to check out the Colorado-based, Bamboozle-friendly rap-rock duo 3OH!3 at SXSW on the recommendation of a stranger, and while I won’t say I “enjoyed” their set, I was definitely fascinated by the pocket of cult fandom I wandered into at Stubbs that afternoon. Lots of girls screaming at their pelvic-thrusting dance moves, which I’m not convinced were ironic; lots of concern for those girls as they gleefully chanted along with lyrics that no amount of irony could save from being kinda offensive. From “Starstrukk” (“Push it baby push it baby out of control / I got my gun cocked tight and I’m ready to blow”) to “I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby” (self-explanatory), there seemed to be a running string of, if not misogyny, then at least lack of respect for the female gender underpinning every hooky, shouty, high-energy song — but it was their closing number that really pushed me over the edge.

Below, the video for “Don’t Trust Me,” which features a lyric so wretched I immediately had to email it to half the people I know. Sure, the boys are covering with plenty of self-effacing self-humiliation in this clip… but it’s gonna take a lot more than some loincloths to make up for actually recording a line like “Shush girl, shut your lips / Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.”

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