By Tanner Stransky
March 27, 2009 at 08:22 PM EDT
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And the broken-relationship saga between Tori and Candy Spelling continues: Tonight at 10 p.m., the Hollywood matriarch speaks to Elizabeth Vargas on ABC’s 20/20 about her rocky relationship with her Beverly Hills, 90210-star daughter. In the interview, Candy apparently says that she still doesn’t know why things are so amiss with her daughter. Really, ladies, are we still doing this?

A preview story on reveals that, supposedly, Candy has yet to meet her 9-month-old granddaughter Stella. Yet, it was very well reported that when Tori’s first child, son Liam, was born in March 2007, grandmother Candy, intent on reconciling, was present in the delivery room. What happened since then? I’m sure the answer is nothing. But you can be sure some tale will be spun describing it all tonight.

The pair have very publicly feuded over the years, watermarked by thereport that when daddy and hubby, Hollywood power TV producer AaronSpelling, died in June 2006, Tori was set to inherit just $800,000 ofhis estimated $500 million fortune. Candy, natch, was the executor ofhis estate, but her other child, son Randy, also reportedly onlyreceived $800,000.

But let’s break it down now: Candy is promoting her new book, Stories from Candy-land, a tome about how she was a Hollywood trophy wife, or “an arm piece,” as she tells 20/20. It comes out Tuesday. This interview airs just four days before. Which makes the whole renewed fracas between the pair seem like a cheap publicity stunt to sell more books (or, on the 20/20 front, to get people to tune in tonight). My EW colleague Kate Ward’s assassination about the general ridiculousness of Stories from Candy-land is a must read (not the book, mind you) on the topic — apparently, Candy has no problem with dinging Tori at every turn.

But, PopWatchers, what do you think? Is the renewed drama between the Spelling women a bunch of baloney? Do you even have the energy to muster a drop of care about this anymore? Will you even pick up Candy’s book — or watch her on 20/20?

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