By Jami Lundborg
Updated March 27, 2009 at 06:37 PM EDT

Last night’s Hell’s Kitchen marked the second consecutive week in which a chef was kicked out in the middle of dinner service. While last week’s sudden dismissal of J. came as a bit of a surprise, last night’s mid-meal elimination was about as surprising as the recent revelation that Robert Pattinson has poor hygiene (hello! Have these people ever actually looked at the obviously sexy greasy heartthrob?). We all knew it was coming, and after weeks of free passes so the audience would get the necessary dose of weekly drama and frustration, the thorn in everyone’s side was finally removed from the flaming depths of Hell’s Kitchen. Surely you’ve caught on by now that I’m speaking of…

…Lacey. But don’t worry. Apparently the show intends to squeeze everylast shameless drop from the Carol-Andrea feud — and how could weexpect any less?

But we’ll get to the exciting part in afew. Let’s get down to the business of recapping. This week Ramsaytested the chefs’ palates and their abilities to recognize certainingredients solely by their taste. Things didn’t look promising,however, when Ramsay had them taste a tartare he made to see if theynoticed that he had replaced the expected ingredients with decoys (seabass instead of scallops and tuna in place of beef). Not one of themknew the difference. A real promising batch of contenders we have here,folks! For the challenge, Ramsay blindfolded and headphoned (it’s aword because I say so) each chef and required them to eat and identifyspecific foods. With the teams uneven, L.A. offered to sit thechallenge out – a move that would come back and bite her in the tushlater. The commercial break came with the teams tied once again,although it didn’t feel quite as forced as previous weeks. On the otherside of the break, Paula brought a victory for the women.

The prize this week was a photo shootfor the cover of TV Guide, and while the women spent the afternoonbeing pampered with makeup and hair stylists, the men got to spend theafternoon waiting on the ladies and preparing both kitchens for dinnerservice. I gotta say that I don’t buy into the idea that women are onlybeautiful when glammed up— and I myself am unable to apply eyelinerwithout it looking like I did so while on the back of a galloping steed — itwas nice to see these attractive women not in chefs’ jackets surrounded by clouds of toxic cigarette smoke.

Come lunch time, as the men were servingRamsay and the women their meals, Danny forgot to serve the women first, causing Ramsay to bark “where’s your class?” at him.Perhaps Danny forgot the golden rule “ladies first,” but it seemedrather hypocritical and absurd for a man who consistently refers to hisfemale contestants as fat cows and bitches to be lecturing anyone onthe way to treat a lady. I love the pissy Brit, but come on. Meanwhile,Lacey flipped on her waa waa switch in the kitchen andpassive-aggressively mumbled things under her breath like a petulant third grader, winning her no love from her teammates.

Dinner service started off rough for theladies as Paula attempted to send out a risotto that was deemed toosalty by Ramsay — which he demonstrated, of course, by letting itdribble out of his mouth. Her second risotto, however, was perfect.Lacey, on the other hand, entered new and bewildering realms ofineptitude. After Ramsay rattled off some orders to her —she was onthe meat station tonight — her fellow chefs asked her what she needed.And Lacey responded, in true form, by flipping her freaking lid. Theimage of the doe-eyed drama queen running around in a panicked frenzy(it brought to mind the little wide-eyed ghosts from Pacman) shrieking “I don’t know!” and “I can’t cook meat!” (get that — the chef can’t cook meat)more than made up for the past few weeks of lame, artificial drama.Ramsay, stretching it out a bit longer for our enjoyment, pulled heraside and ordered her to “make the effort.” Had Ramsay been payingattention for the past few weeks, he might have known that no amount oflecturing/cheer leading/human language has any impact on her. So whenshe returned to whining to Ben to put her on something easier thanwellington, it was pretty obvious her goose was cooked. Finally, afterno improvement, Ramsay sent her on her whiny way. BOO-to-the-YAH!!! Isit wrong of me to take such delicious, beautiful pleasure in themisfortune of another? At least I’m not alone; I would imagine, mydarling PopWatchers, that there will be no mourning in the commentsfrom legions of Lacey-lovers. It’s rather telling too that, coupledwith the fact that the women couldn’t keep it together, once Lacey madeher exit the men immediately improved and managed to secure the win.

In the aftermath of the Lacey goodbye(and I mean, who really cares what happened after such a perfectclimax?) Ramsay told the women to nominate two ladies for elimination.After much squabbling and disagreement Ramsay called forward Andrea,L.A., and Carol. But, as we have learned from Colleen, Seth, and Laceybefore them, Carol and Andrea still have plenty of drama left in theirarc, and so L.A. got the blade. And so we said goodbye to two tonight.I predict Ben or Robert as the next to go. But I’ve been wrongbefore…

Note to Fox: Please stop promising that each episode of Hell’s Kitchen will be the “most controversial” yet. Anticlimactic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

So Popwatchers, how do you feel aboutLacey? Anyone out there eager to rally to her defense? What about L.A.?Who do you think will be the next to say bye-bye?