Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Clive Owen, ''Troll 2,'' Tyler Perry, and more

By EW Staff
Updated March 27, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

  • She’ll Take Clive
  • It requires a lot to make me squeal like a teenage fangirl. Bravo for making it happen with your recent cover (”Julia & Clive: Chemistry Majors”). More Clive, please!
  • Ashley Argo
  • Houston
  • Mark Harris’ The Final Cut
  • I’m a longtime subscriber, but rarely am I driven to comment on something I read in your pages. However, Mark Harris’ column ”The Chris and Rihanna Show” was so on the mark that I had to show my appreciation. Kudos to him for stating something most of our country needs to hear: Celebrities should not be thought of as role models simply because they’re famous! The fact that their jobs bring them into the limelight is no reason to idolize them.
  • Alyx Morgan
  • Alameda, Calif.

It may be absurd to classify Rihanna as a role model, but young girls do look up to her. In a culture that admires celebrity like ours does, role model is not a chosen endeavor. It comes with the territory.
Nick Nordstrom
Clio, Mich.

  • Mad for ‘Madea’
  • If Tyler Perry is controversial, let me sign up to be the first anarchist (”How Do You Solve a Problem Like Madea?”)! As a mom of four girls ages 9 to 17, I find his to be some of the only movies we can see as a family. Thank you, Mr. Perry.
  • Merrile Stroud
  • Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

If you want to talk stereotypes, talk about why, in 2009, Hollywood still ignores African-American women. Tyler Perry’s movies speak to us — our lives, our realities, and our skin color — which apparently clashes with mainstream Hollywood. If he makes a movie called Madea Meets Godzilla, I’ll be in the front row. I’ll bet she wins, too.
Debra Rounds

  • Wine Find
  • Rob Brunner’s ”Three Rounds With…” piece on Geddy Lee (Music) left me wondering about the last bottle of wine they drank, a Bastianich Perlidia 2003, which Lee called ”the superstar of the night.” I can’t find it anywhere. For a Rush fan and wine lover, this is a bummer. What is the name of that wine?
  • Jennifer DelMonaco
  • Andover, Mass.

Senior editor Rob Brunner responds: Bastianich Perlidia 2003 does exist, but you won’t find it for sale at your local wine store. As Del Posto co-owner Joe Bastianich (who made it at his Italian winery) explains, he produced only one barrel of the wine, for his mother Lidia’s 60th birthday, and it’s ”only consumed at special occasions and gifted to important people.” (Lucky recipients include Bono and the Pope.) It’s also sometimes available at Del Posto.

‘Troll’ Doll
Your story on Best Worst Movie (Movies) made me laugh so hard my dog got worried. Michael Paul Stephenson has handled his Troll 2 infamy well. Even his dad thought it was bad? Awesome.
Emily Zelinksky
Placerville, Calif.

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”Ty’s megawatt smile was adorable. He’s quite athletic and that will help him in this competition.”