EW's TV scooper on a ''Grey's Anatomy'' wedding, Juliet's fate on ''Lost,'' and more

By Michael Ausiello
Updated March 27, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Nice day for a Grey wedding?

What do you get the show that has everything on the occasion of its 100th episode? In the case of Grey’s Anatomy, extra security.

To prevent any intel about the big May 7 installment from leaking — specifically information about which Grey‘s couple will be getting hitched — boss lady Shonda Rhimes is pulling out all the stops. Scripts are being handed out to essential personnel only, and even then the final 30 pages are being held back. ”Shonda wants to keep the identity of the bride and groom a secret for as long as possible,” says a Grey‘s insider, who allows only that the duo in question is not Derek and Meredith.

Hmmm…so that pretty much leaves Alex-Izzie, Mark-Lexie, or Cristina and her boyfriend, Owen. Unfortunately, Kevin McKidd, the guy who plays that rookie Seattle Grace doc, isn’t spilling. ”I’m not telling you that,” he laughs. But he does add that ”it’s one of those classic Grey‘s episodes, where it’s funny and it breaks your heart four or five times.”

Big Comeback

Like a phoenix, Big Love‘s Ana — fourth wife to Bill Paxton’s titular polygamist — will rise again when the HBO drama returns next year. ”I’ll be back to cause some trouble,” confirms portrayer Branka Katic.

Housewives spoiler alert!

Buzz on Wisteria Lane suggests Kyle MacLachlan’s days as Orson may be numbered. The actor’s rep denies it, but a Desperate Housewives source concedes that the ”writing is on the wall,” citing Orson’s recent role in Edie’s death and Bree’s upcoming decision to divorce him. ABC declined to comment.

Lost puzzle: Is Juliet a goner?

Lost heroine Elizabeth Mitchell has landed what I’m hearing is a major role on ABC’s eagerly anticipated V update, fueling speculation that she won’t return to the Island for the show’s sixth and final season. A Lost insider assures me that Mitchell will be back, although the source wouldn’t say whether it’s full-time. Meanwhile, an ABC rep insists Mitchell appears only as a guest star in the V pilot. What to believe? Let’s flash back to that fateful day in 2006 when Cynthia Watros booked a CBS pilot while still on Lost. At the time, the network similarly claimed she was just a guest star on the new show. Two months later, Watros’ character Libby was pushing up daisies. Anyone here good at math?