By Missy Schwartz
March 27, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Apparently, Twittering his every last move with wife Demi Moore is not exhibitionistic enough for Ashton Kutcher. Now he’s gone and filmed himself getting his chest waxed in Nice! For a role! (We’re not sure, but it’s likely for Five Killers, costarring Katherine Heigl.) As Kutcher explains in the video (below), his stunt double waxed his own chest, and for continuity’s sake, Kutcher had to do the same. “Why would a stunt man shave his che–…” he begins, with mock diva rage. Then, correcting himself, he continues, “I mean, why would he wax down his chest without checking to see what the actor’s got first?” What “the actor” has ain’t much, judging from the footage. But that didn’t stop him from indulging in a weak imitation of the inimitable Steve Carell from 40-Year-Old Virgin: “Très joli!” Kutcher yelps as the esthetician, named Angelie, gets busy on his chest. “A tout a l’heure!” he cries. (Actually, that last one sounded more like “à tout a l’houre” which, in French, means…absolutely nothing!) Check out the video and weigh in. Narcissistic celebrity over-sharing or hilarity?