By Jean Bentley
Updated March 27, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Well PopWatchers, another week has come and gone. In the interest of fairness (and not having an Enter the Fray with a 8/10 American Idol ratio), this week’s Idol reaction posts will count as one EtF entry — that means only half the top stories are Idol-related (instead of, you know…most). This is my first season watching, and I finally understand why people talk about it so much: I never realized I’d become so emotionally invested in a show I fast forward through most of (I can’t handle the Seacrest banter; it’s performance, critique, repeat for me). Now that I’ve entered into the world of Idol mania, let’s Enter the Fray:

10. Whitney Pastorek took the behind-the-scenes reins from Adam B. Vary to bring us reports from the Idoldome on Motown week’s performance and results nights.

9. Nicolas Cage: Artist or hack? The choice is his, says Owen Gleiberman. (And possibly his hair’s, says Enter the Fray.)

8. President Obama graced television for the millionth time this week, this time on 60 Minutes.

7. Adam Lambert held on to his No. 1 spot on his week’s American Idol Power List.

6. Still raw from the inexplicable departure of Alexis Grace, Idolatry hosts Michael Slezak and Kristen Baldwin came up with a new name for American Idol: America Hates Talent.

5. An Enter the Fray Public Service Announcement: If you’re into David Cook, the best way to profess your love is definitely not stalking his hotel room or following his tour bus.

4. You had a lot to say about this week’s Motown performances (both during and after the show), and even more to say about the unlucky singers who landed in the bottom three last night.

3. In a blow to teenage boys everywhere, the impossibly attractive Robert Pattinson proves to be self-deprecatingly humorous and charming on the Twilight DVD commentary. Teenage girls, Edward Cullen isn’t real. He will never love you. Give Joey from study hall a chance. (That doesn’t mean I you have to take those hot GQ photos down from your walls, though.)

2. After Wednesday’s mind-blowing (I hear) Lost episode, you chatted about the show, then chastised Doc Jensen for not getting his recap in sooner.

1. Sadly, Battlestar Galactica aired its last episode last Friday. Marc Bernardin and Margaret Lyons celebrated (and mourned) with a live(ish) blog.

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