By Margaret Lyons
Updated March 27, 2009 at 08:03 PM EDT

Ah, another solid 30 Rock, though “Apollo, Apollo” didn’t quite slay me like the last few episodes have. Sure, Tracy’s fake space flight was funny, and yes, Alec Baldwin can infuse smarminess with a subtle humanity in a way no one else really attempts, but the episode was heavy on my least favorite relationship on the show: Liz and Jenna. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Jenna do something redemptive — and I’d settle for anything not strenuously vacant and narcissistic. I get that that’s her bit, but we see so many dimensions of the other characters: think of how tenderly Tracy and Kenneth treat each other, or Jack’s mommy issues, or even the little glimpse of Pete lamenting his could-have-been career in politics. Jenna, though, is totally one note, and that note is starting to drive me crazy. Blerg. Anyway, on to the highlights!

1. Yay for the return of Dennis — though I would have loved to have seen juuuuust a little more of him. “Hello, dummy,” was a great opening line from the Beeper King, but his “One word: coffee. One problem: Where do you get it?” business plan was even better.

2. “I’m Lizzing!” (Funny when Liz said it; 20 times funnier when Tracy said it.)

3. “I once shot a manatee.”

4. “What is this, Horseville? Cause I’m surrounded by naysayers!”

5. Kenneth’s Sesame-o-vision

6. “Aw, guys, come on, I ate in there!”

7. “Oh my god, you puked! Why wouldn’t you warn me?! I’m staring at your mouth!”

8. In possibly my favorite moment of the season, Liz’s goofy Muppet walk.

9. “Is that Billy Jean King?”

10. And of course, this:

Okay, PopWatchers, how feel you about “Apollo, Apollo”?

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