X-Men Origins: Wolverine hasn’t even opened yet, and already there are rumors about Wolverine 2. AICN posted an item today that Simon Beaufoy, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Slumdog Millionaire, was going to write the screenplay for W2. Turns out, no. According to Beaufoy’s manager, Beaufoy was approached by Wolverine producer Lauren Shuler Donner to gauge the writer’s interest in W2, but no formal offer was made. A Fox source says that the two met at the Slumdog Oscar party and chatted about Wolverine there. Beaufoy, in any case, didn’t feel he was right for the project. Furthermore, Fox is saying that no Wolverine 2 project is actively being developed. That’s improbable, considering all the positive buzz around Wolverine, which will kick off the summer movie season on May 1, but regardless, the Slumdog scribe won’t be doing it. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments. — reported by Dave Karger and Christine Spines