By Jeff Jensen
March 26, 2009 at 06:44 AM EDT

Pretty rocking episode. Dark and disturbing. I loved Sayid’s line: “You used exactly enough!” and the scary giggle that escaped him afterward. What I’m not loving right now: Sayid’s purple shirt. Lose that thing in the jungle already! Why the heck is Radzinsky so darn worried about the Hostiles learning about his precious not-yet-built Swan station? What’s the nature of the relationship between Dharma: The Island and Dharma: Ann Arbor? Did you see the ending coming? I did, but it still blew me away. What will change as a result of Sayid’s actions? Anything? Nothing? And what do you know about Carlos Castaneda, author of the newest Lost cited book, A Separate Reality? If you want an easy introduction to the writer, check out his book with the very Lost-evocative name: The Wheel of Time. I’m working on my recap with my take on all these questions. Come back here in the A.M. for the crazy!

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