It is in the nature of business that people regard their competitors as bitter rivals to be outdone and defeated at every opportunity. And publishing is no exception. But it’s never good news for anyone when a title actually closes. So it’s with some sadness that I learned today of Blender magazine’s demise.

The title was launched in 2001 by former Q magazine chief Andy Pemberton and publishing vet Craig Marks. It rapidly gained a well-deserved rep for snarkily entertaining coverage of the music scene and all manner of lunatic features. I actually worked at Blender for a long time (as did fellow EW staffer Jason Adams) and, without that organ, it is doubtful that I would ever have appeared onstage with Lil Jon, watched the Flaming Lips pour a case of Pepto-Bismol over a pair of strippers or learned how to soundtrack a porn movie (FYI: it’s easier than you might think, thanks to iTunes).

So Music Mixers, will you miss Blender? Or do you think that we here at the far superior EW are already satisfying all your music needs (hey, come on, we can’t mourn forever)?