By Mike Bruno
Updated March 25, 2009 at 05:10 PM EDT

Given that the economy is in the crapper and families are struggling harder to make ends meet than they have since before World War II, President Obama’s press conference last night was certainly of the utmost importance. However, from a purely television-viewing/entertainment standpoint, little of O’s slick, scripted presentation filled the void left by the certainly less important yet considerably more riveting American Idol, which was bumped forward a night this week to accommodate the Prez. However, we did get one nugget of off-the-cuff reality TV-style fun when CNN’s Ed Henry threw a follow-up question to the big man that suggested that he took way too long to respond to the AIG bonuses issue (see the clip below). In a rare moment of measured yet obvious anger, Obama cut Henry off and answered tersely, “Because I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak….all right?” The answer was met with nervous laughter throughout the room.

On one hand, Obama’s going to have to get better at (finally) being asked hard questions and not let these guys get under his skin. Still, I found it far more satisfying, and certainly more presidential,than our former president’s goofy hands-out-shrugging-giggle responseto annoying questions, and more generally, it was just endearing to see the cool “No Drama Obama” finally show a bit of emotion.

Anyone else kind of enjoy seeing the Prez unleash a bit last night?