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Last year, when Amanda Bynes was looking for new representation, PopWatch graciously offered to play interim agent and suggested what she should do next: return to series TV and find a smart role that doesn’t require a pratfall. Well…Bynes has been cast in the ABC pilot Canned, a comedy about a group of friends who are fired on the same day. According to Variety, she’ll play Sarabeth, a “naive Midwesterner who’s being exploited by her boss — and doesn’t realize it.” Also in the cast are Carpoolers cutie Tim Peper (what, I watched a couple of episodes) and Cavemen‘s Stephenie Lemelin (okay, even I didn’t go there). While I’m more than a little nervous that “naive” is code for “adorkably clumsy,” I’m crossing my fingers that the agent Bynes replaced us with knows what he or she is doing. Do you think this pilot stands a chance?

P.S. Did anyone else watch Dollhouse Friday night and wrack your brain trying to think whose voice Agent Ballard’s neighbor’s reminded you of and realize it was Amanda Bynes’? (Really? Just me? Their inflections are so similar.)

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  • Does Amanda Bynes need a career time out?

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