By Margeaux Watson
Updated March 24, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Keri Hilson is caught in an unlikely love triangle between Kanye West and Ne-Yo in her new video for “Knock You Down,” the fourth single from her seductive debut CD, In a Perfect World, which drops today. Though their scenes together are G-rated in comparison to Ciara’s steamy romp with Justin Timberlake in their new clip for “Love Sex Magic,” Hilson’s solo shots in bed are undeniably hot. Indeed, a tasteful flash of booty never hurt nobody. But will it help listeners connect with her CD? It’s hard to say. Her first single, last year’s “Energy,” peaked at a disappointing No. 78 on the all-important Billboard Hot 100 chart, but a guest appearance by Lil Wayne pushed “Turnin Me On” to No. 15. Still, none of her singles–including “Return the Favor”–have matched the success of her breakout cameo on Timbaland’s 2008 hit “The Way I Are,” which soared to No. 3. What gives? Hilson’s got the beauty, the body, the voice, and the slick radio-friendly cuts that it takes to compete with today’s top R&B divas. She even has a sultry song her CD called “Slow Dance” that was co-written by Timberlake. So what’s it going to take to make her CD a hit? If the answer is as simple as a sexy video with J.T., would they please hurry up and make that happen ASAP?