By Jeremy Medina
Updated March 24, 2009 at 09:59 PM EDT

There are some celebrity-themed items I can understand collecting: autographed albums, sure. Signed t-shirts, definitely. But, underwear? Seriously? A coalition of 37 assorted celebrities, including Fergie, are auctioning off their autographed skivvies on eBay to benefit a charity in support of destitute asylum seekers. NME posted the official list, and it includes everyone from Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker (the leading bid-getter thus far) to Oscar-winning thespians Emma Thompson, Daniel Day-Lewis and Helen Mirren. While certainly odd, hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are living in extreme poverty in the U.K., and if it takes selling underwear to help them out, then so be it. But, it does beg the question: how much would you pay for Fergie’s underwear? Name your price!