Stephen Colbert iiiiiin spaaaaaace! At least, that’s what I’m hoping. In his latest stab at world domination, Colbert charged his Colbert Nation fans with voting for his moniker in a poll to name a node on the international space station — and to the shock of no one, “Colbert” was the top vote-getter.A spokesman for NASA makes it clear the naming of Node 3 (Nodes 1 and 2 are Unity and Harmony, FYI) is far from a done deal. “It wasn’t a contest, but a poll where folks could either pick one of the NASA candidate names or submit their own suggested name,” John Yembrick, the agency’s public affairs officer, wrote in an e-mail. “We are considering all the suggestions, with the highest voted names receiving the most consideration.”

I hope NASA goes for it, not just because it doesn’t really matter what the nodes on a space station are named, but also because I find the ever-growing list of things named after Stephen Colbert to be hilarious. The list includes:

  • Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle, the mascot for the minor league hockey team Saginaw Spirit
  • Stephen, Jr., a bald eagle at the San Francisco zoo
  • Stephanie Colbertle the Turtle, a leatherback turtle in the first Great Turtle Race
  • Aptostichus stephencolberti, a trapdoor spider
  • Air Colbert, a Virgin America jetStephen Colbert’s
  • Americone Dream, a Ben & Jerry’s flavor
  • Esteban Colbert, a very virile falcon in San Jose
  • Stelephant Colbert, an elephant seal tagged as part of a study from UC Santa Cruz

Do the right(wing) thing, NASA, and name that darn module after him, too. He’s been an avid fan of the space program and everything.

Whaddya think, PopWatchers? Will Colbert get the nodule nod, or will NASA cop out?