By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 20, 2019 at 02:34 AM EST

We’re three weeks into Nathan Fillion’s ABC dramedy Castle, and I’m prepared to say that my favorite relationship on the show is not the one between the crime writer and the NYPD homicide detective (Stana Katic) he’s shadowing — but the one between the hot, caring dad and the responsible, clever daughter (Molly Quinn) he’s somehow raising. Seriously, how much do we love Castle’s daughter (whose name I admittedly had to look up — it’s Alexis). I even love her bedding. Last night, when Castle sat in her perfectly-lit room, waiting for her to wake up so he could ask her if she and her friends party Winehouse style, I just wanted the three of us to snuggle under that thick comforter, watch TV, eat ice cream for breakfast (we’d make Alexis run back out to the kitchen to get the whipped cream), and talk about crazy grandma. I may even have let Alexis be in the middle. That’s how much I’m enjoying having a non-angsty teen on TV who’s treated with as much respect as she gives — I’m willing to let her separate me from Nathan Fillion when he’s sleepy and wearing a button-down shirt. (Kudos to the Castle wardrobe department. Really.)

Now that the show’s writers have toned down the quirky to a tolerable level — last night’s ringtone and “You should be writing” screensaver: acceptable; the rich kids betting on the Dancing With the Stars results show: I could’ve done without — I’m glad I’ve hung in there. You?

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