By Lindsay Soll
March 23, 2009 at 04:37 PM EDT

Forty six years after his mother, iconic poet Sylvia Plath, committed suicide by gassing herself, her son, Nicholas Hughes has also taken his own life. After a battle withdepression, reports The Times Online, Hughes, 47, who had most recently worked as a professor at the University of AlaskaFairbanks,hanged himself in his Alaskan home.  “His lifelong fascination with fish and fishing was a strong and shared bondwith our father (many of whose poems were about the natural world),” said his sister, Freida Hughes, in a statement. “He was aloving brother, a loyal friend to those who knew him and, despite thevagaries that life threw at him, he maintained an almost childlike innocenceand enthusiasm for the next project or plan.”