By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated March 23, 2009 at 06:45 PM EDT

Am I going to have to get this DirecTV thing? I held out when they swooped in to save the spectacular Friday Night Lights, airing it first in the fall before NBC got it sloppy seconds. (I happen to be fine with sloppy seconds when they’re that good.) Then they ran the long-gone and short-lived (but almost as beloved) Wonderland earlier this year, but I managed to pretend that wasn’t happening and moved on. But now they’re picking up the cut-way-too-short Eyes and The Nine. Do you realize the implications of this? We can see Tim Daly (pictured) without watching Private Practice! We’ll get all 12 episodes of Eyes (seven of which never aired), the sexy/fun spy drama that aired on ABC in 2005 — kinda the pre-Burn Notice, and Daly at his perfectly aged, cocky best. We’ll also get 13 episodes of The Nine (including four that never aired), that 2006 drama about the after-effects of a hostage crisis on the victims. Sure, it was a little more of a downer, but still…Tim Daly! And Scott Wolf! (And Chi McBride and Kim Raver.) Plus four more hours of flashbacks to what happened in the bank! (Oh, and they’re also picking up CBS’ Smith, the spy-with-a-family-life drama starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen, if you’re into that sort of non-Tim Daly thing. You can get all the gory details here.) Now if only we could get DirecTV to pick up Taye Diggs’ short-lived ABC drama DayBreak, I’d never have to watch Private Practice again.

Anyone else thinking about going DirecTV with this news? What canceled shows do you hope they’ll bring back next?

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