By Michael Ausiello
Updated March 22, 2009 at 10:48 PM EDT

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Bring it the frak on.

Ex-Battlestar Galactica prez Mary McDonnell is joining TNT’s The Closer for a multi-episode arc as a police captain who butts heads with Kyra Sedgwick, sources confirm to me exclusively.

It’s a battle of TV’s feminist icons!

McDonnell’s alter ego, Capt. Christina Hatcher, runs the department’s Force Investigation Division and is slated to debut early into The Closer‘s forthcoming fifth season.

This character should not be confused with the lesbian cop the show is (or was) casting. This is a completely different role, one that a Closer insider says exec producer James Duff created specifically for the BSG star.

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What do you think? Has Brenda met her match? Do you hope McDonnell’s gig turns permanent? And, switching gears, will this finally be the year Emmy recognizes her for BSG? (It better be.) Sound off in the comments!

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