March 20, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mr. Belvedere, Seasons 1 & 2 (1985?86) The beloved ’80s Gary Poppins finally hits DVD with sweet extras: new cast chats (minus star Christopher Hewett, who died in 2001) and the ”Mr. B” skit from SNL (that’s so not on YouTube).

Andy Richter Controls the Universe, The Complete Series (2002?03)
You got 14 wildly inventive episodes of Richter as a daydreaming wage slave. Sheesh, you want more? Try five additional episodes! And two featurettes!

The Life and Times of Tim, Season 1 (2008)
How off-the-chain insane is ?creator-star Steve Dildarian’s animated sitcom about a New York loser? Tim’s girlfriend and her parents catch him with a prostitute…in the pilot.

The Very Best of Dog Whisperer (2009)
We know you love dogs, but do you love dogs and celebs? Because by ”Very Best of” the folks at Cesar Millan’s pooch parade mean the episodes with Oprah, Will Smith, and ScarJo.

The Riches, Season 2 (2008)
Eddie? Izzard and Minnie Driver are revelations as grifters filling out the pricey suits of a couple whose IDs they’ve nicked. Season 2 is all about how the past catches up — even in a long con.

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