March 20, 2009 at 10:59 PM EDT

Outgoing News Corp. President Peter Chernin gets the last laugh on Sunday, March 22, when he lends his voice to Fox’s Family Guy. In the episode, Chernin, who will formally step down from his post in June, plays himself as he hears a show pitch from Peter Griffin (voiced by creator Seth MacFarlane). Griffin is peddling an animated show about handicapped ducks and Chernin only agrees to hear it because Peter’s wife, Lois, landed a job in the Fox news division.

Handi-Quacks is going to be the next Simpsons,” promises Griffin. “We fire the jokes at ya like an automatic weapon of comedy. We throw a curve ball joke at you, hits you right in the head, you go, ‘Wow! What happened?!'”

Once Chernin abdicates his post, he’ll begin a lucrative, six-year film and production pact with 20th Century Fox.

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