By Marc Bernardin
March 20, 2009 at 06:37 PM EDT

Me, I loves the Terminator franchise. In all its incarnations. I’ve seen the movies, continue — perhaps against reason — to watch the TV show, read the comics, and played the age-old videogames. I’ve got the premiere of Terminator Salvation marked on my calendar (May 21). I used to un-ironically wear a Cyberdyne baseball cap: That’s how much I love these flicks.

But the latest poster for the Christian Bale-McG installment ticks me off. Yes, it’s an arresting image, an endoskeletal head being held, upside-down, by its necky bits. It also feels like an image I’ve seen on a dozen torture-porn horror posters. And I just want my Terminator to feel classier than that. (I also wasn’t overly jazzed by the one-sheets for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles that featured Summer Glau’s dangling torso.)

Am I being knee-jerky (or just jerky)? Are you cool with this image or do you, like me, want them to keep their Hostel out of my Terminator?