After paging through today’s 25 Great Bromances gallery (pegged to I Love You, Man, which opens today), Mandi and I realized that everyone we know loves Paul Rudd. ‘Cause they’re smart! And they should! Still, it’s so rare, in this increasingly savage tear-anyone-apart-just-because-you-can celebrity culture, for someone famous to be universally adored. Responses to my informal Twitter poll — “Does anyone NOT love Paul Rudd? And please expand: Why the hell not?” — ranged from “thank you!!! I freakin love the guy!!!!!” (the possibly over-caffeinated lala0386), to “I’ve loved him since Clueless. Yain’t gettin a peep outta me” (dennang), to “Not only do I love Paul Rudd, I even love him in the 2007 flick I Could Never Be Your Woman” (MinisodeNetwork). And my personal favorite: “It is both physically and mentally impossible not to love Paul Rudd. Straight men, lesbians, EVERYONE” (cmusso). Well then. Theory: confirmed! But just in case…

A tiny sampling of why it’s impossible to dislike Paul Rudd
(from Dave Karger’s excellent pink-hued feature in EW’s print issue, on stands today)

“I’ve always felt like I’m the kind of actor that some people might recognize, but they probably don’t know my name,” Rudd says. “I don’t have a big drive to be ‘the guy.'” This is exactly it, I think. He’s not beggin’ for love, so we wanna give it to him even more. Damn human nature!

Who came up with the idea for Steve Carell to scream “Kelly Clarkson!” in conjunction with a chest wax in The 40-Year-Old Virgin? PAUL RUDD DID. It’s true, y’all!

He’s longtime friends with Jon Hamm (¡Jon Hamm!) and they play chess together. “A lot.” CHESS!


He’s “big karaoke friends” with Bobby Cannavale and Peter Dinklage,and used the abbreviated term ‘raoke to illustrate this further. As in,”We’ve all ‘raoked together over the years.” (And they only sing inprivate rooms, just like the PopWatch writing staff!)

And finally, this choice quote under the header ‘Why He Feels ALittle Gay’: “I always thought I’d be a really goodgay guy. I love American Idol.” Haaaaaaaaa. (Could Paul Rudd be the one to coax Idol out of the closet? If he donned a printed tee and fashion hat, I think he’d have a decent shot!)

I’ve seen I Love You, Man, and it’s great.Rush fans in particular should buy tickets immediately — a large chunkof the film’s second half takes place at a concert by the band, and theprogression of Rudd and bro buddy Jason Segel’s talent for dueting on “Tom Sawyer” issort of a metaphor for the blossoming of their beautiful friendship.It’s like when Glen and Markéta had that powerful spirit-snuggle while jammin’ in the piano store in Once. Okay not exactly. The takeaway fromthe entire film: You’ll never blow a silent-but-deadly (SBD) fart — inpublic — again. That’s a promise.

Any of you seen I Love You, Man yet, P-Dubs? Planning on it?Does anyone NOT love Paul Rudd? And please expand: Why the hell not? Isense an SBD headed your way….

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