By Kate Ward
Updated March 20, 2009 at 10:15 PM EDT

When Fred Durst made the media rounds last year to prove he was transforming himself from annoying rap-metal goofball to serious director, I was totally on his side. It’s hard enough for normal folk to get through their 20s without making stupid mistakes, let alone a rock star. So who were we to judge Durst for his late-’90s indiscretions (i.e. that whole sex tape thing)? I believed him when he told EW last August, “That guy’s gone.” But then he had to go and bring up the whole “I swear, I did sleep with Britney Spears!” debate with MTV news. Seriously, Fred? I thought you dropped that back in 2003! We stopped caring a long time ago — if we ever cared in the first place — and it’s counterproductive for someone trying to turn a new leaf (even directing a family film, The Longshots) to once again involve himself in a years-old, immature argument. So, for the good of your own career, Fred, leave Britney alone! After all, you don’t hear Martin Scorsese talking about Isabella Rossellini.

Are we at all surprised by this, PopWatchers? Is Fred basically conceding that he makes a better goofball than director by grabbing headlines with this nonesense once again?

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