Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on ''ER,'' ''Breaking Bad,'' and more

By EW Staff
Updated March 20, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Must-See TV
It’s great to know that love is in the air on House and that Amy Ryan is returning to The Office (”Spring TV Preview”). But if Chuck doesn’t get renewed, then I’ll part ways with NBC. Forever. Yes, I’ll even give up my beloved Jim and Pam! So, as EW stated so matter-of-factly: ”Ball’s in your court, NBC!” Should I stay or should I go?
Jeff Nowicki
Troy, Mich.

As Gossip Girl‘s Blair might say, ”OMG EW, WTF?!?!” You ruined a major plot point for Desperate Housewives by placing it on your cover without any warning. Here’s a thought: You could have shrunk George Clooney’s giant head and added the word ”SPOILERS” to help your readers.
John Perez
Simi Valley, Calif.

Editor Kristen Baldwin responds: Is a spoiler really a spoiler when it’s been reported widely weeks before — including in EW’s Feb. 27 issue? Like That age-old tree-falling-in-a-forest question, I guess we’ll never know.

What gives this year with the TV sweeps period? What should have been February sweeps was a pretty poor showing of new TV shows. Since then I have read something calling for ”March sweeps.” Can you explain what is going on — why the changes?
Lee Jennison
Anoka, Minn.

Editor Josh Wolk responds: It was a one-time-only switch. When the move to digital TV was originally scheduled for February, Nielsen decided to push sweeps back a month to avoid the potential chaos for viewers who forgot to change over their TVs. Of course, then the digital transition was pushed back to June 12, and we were left with reruns in the most depressing days of winter. Sigh.

Thanks for the ER retrospective (ER Signs Off”). Having watched the show for 15 years, I find it hard to imagine anyone not greenlighting it from the start. There were times I didn’t know what the medical mumbo jumbo meant, but that didn’t matter. With some of the most memorable couples (and death scenes — Romano, RIP!) in TV history, I’ve loved County General all my adult life. I’ll miss it.
Candy Carter
Eureka, Calif.

Lost ‘Kingdom’
I went to see Watchmen, having never read the novel. Unlike our local movie reviewer, I didn’t have any trouble following the story. Now that Watchmen has been made, I’m wondering whether anyone out there is ready to tackle DC Comics’ Kingdom Come. Is there an animation studio that can do justice to Alex Ross’ art?
Anthony Gresham

Senior writer Jeff Jensen responds: Kingdom Come would make for awesome superhero cinema. It would also cost $1 billion, as it features, like, every DC Comics superhero ever concocted. And since it portrays such icons as Superman and Batman as senior citizens, Warner Bros. isn’t in a rush to bring this saga to the screen. An animated adaptation would be more likely, but there are no plans for one at present.

Drug of Choice
Stephen King hit the nail on the head with his Breaking Bad commentary (The Pop of King). Even though I am still trying to figure out if Walt White and Jesse Pinkman are good guys or bad guys, I love this show. The chemistry between Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul is pure magic.
Tressa Reynolds

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