I sure hope this doesn’t mean what I think it does: Lost heroine Elizabeth Mitchell has been cast in ABC’s eagerly anticipated V pilot.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking — that this confirms Juliet as the major character who gets bumped off at this season’s end? Yeah, I kinda thought you might be with me on that one.

However, my moles at ABC and Warner Bros. (which is producing V) say we need to chill, because Mitchell is just a guest star on V. But, however much I may want to chill, that’s pretty hard to do, since everyone told me the same thing when tailie Cynthia Watros booked a pilot (and two months later, Libby was pushing up daisies).

So what do you think? Am I making much ado about nothing? Or is Juliet a goner? And in either case, how much cooler a project is V now that Mitchell’s attached? I’m thinking “way.” Your take below…

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