Freida Pinto, Andy Samberg, and Lady GaGa made pop culture news this week

By EW Staff
Updated March 20, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

· Rumors flying that Freida Pinto is being considered to play the new Bond girl. Yes, please!
· Casting for 5’7”- and-under season of Top Model turns into best, tiniest brawl ever. Shorties gone wild!
· Anticipating the month of April, when all we’ll be reading are dueling memoirs by Tori and Candy Spelling
· Andy Samberg to host MTV Movie Awards

· The strangely hilarious Radiohead-Miley Cyrus feud. And here we thought Faye Dunaway versus Hilary Duff was lopsided
· TV’s most endearing jackass, Dennis Leary, finally returns after nearly two years
· Trying to accept that Lady GaGa isn’t going away anytime soon
· TV’s least endearing Jackass remains on Dancing With the Stars
· Survivor contestant and Alabama cattle rancher J.T. loses a tooth, throws it aside. Way to combat regional stereotypes, buddy!
· Jim Cramer beats pastry dough with rolling pin on Martha Stewart’s show. If only the dough could take revenge Jon Stewart-style

· Must-not-download of the week: Seether‘s grunged-out cover of Wham!’s ”Careless Whisper”
· Betamax, New Coke, Facebook‘s redesign
· When did Susan Sullivan become old enough to play the horny old grandma as she does on Castle?
· Flight of the Conchords‘ season 2 ends — maybe for good. Our folk-parody hearts break in stereo
· Hating Cupid because he can’t seem to find the right man for Jennifer Aniston
· Jamie Kennedy drums up unnecessary publicity by announcing that he’s dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. Guess Dancing With the Stars wouldn’t return his phone calls