March 20, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

No Bones about it: Stewie drops in!

Suddenly, the cancer-induced ghost sex Izzie was partaking in on Grey’s Anatomy isn’t looking so silly. This May, David Boreanaz’s alter ego on Bones will suffer a life-threatening health crisis that causes him to hallucinate a visit from Family Guy‘s acid-tongued baby villain, Stewie. Top that, Shonda Rhimes!

”This is going to sound odd, but it is a completely believable event,” maintains executive producer Stephen Nathan. ”There are conditions where you can see cartoon characters. There’s medical research to back up what’s going on with [Boreanaz’s Agent Booth].” (Nathan would not, however, reveal just what condition will befall Booth.)

Don’t expect to see Emily Deschanel’s Brennan sparring with the evil tot: The cartoon crossover will be limited to Boreanaz. ”We were never going to have Stewie just walk into the lab and start talking to everybody — that would be a bald and shameless crossover,” Nathan adds with a chuckle. ”It was always conceived to be a realistic hallucination…one that would lead us to what we wanted to do with Booth and Brennan.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock without Wi-Fi, what they want to do is get the two detectives in bed by the May 14 season finale. But first, Brennan will ask Booth to father her child on May 7, a request that leads to Stewie’s initial appearance. ”Stewie will be in the sperm donation room with Booth,” explains Nathan, who says Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will sign off on all of Stewie’s dialogue. ”Whatever Seth wants to do is fine. As far as I’m concerned, he can have Stewie sing.”


Q: Rumor has it Ugly Betty is killing off Christina. True?Henry

A: False. While it’s true that Ashley Jensen is leaving the show at season’s end (she’s joining the prospective CBS comedy Accidentally on Purpose as Jenna Elfman’s BFF), my Ugly mole assures me that a much happier ending awaits her character than you heard. One that involves a kidnapping, a medical test, a reunion with the two men in her life, and, last but not least, a pulse.

Q: Do you have anything on Prison Break‘s last episode?Abby

A: Justice will finally be served to both Christina and Pad Man, although one will involve far more blood than the other. Additionally, a core character will get shot, another will commit a crime so heinous he/she will go to jail for a long time, and the closing minutes will flash forward four years to show where everyone ended up. I hope it’s not on Wisteria Lane; those gals have enough troubles.

Q: Please help out a Numb3rs fan with some good scoop.Hope

A: The CBS procedural airs its 100th episode on May 1, and the plot finds Don and Charlie tackling a case with eerie similarities to the first crime they worked on in the show’s pilot. I’m told the landmark hour will be stockpiled with Easter eggs that only longtime Numb3rs fans will be able to spot…or readers of this column, since I’m about to slip you three clues: Rooker, Merrick, and Rossmo. Ready, set, Google!

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