30 Rock

Another strong showing for 30 Rock — and the return of Pete! — although Jenna’s plotline was pretty tired.* Tracy and Kenneth’s relationship brought out some amazing moments, but I particularly liked seeing Jon Hamm’s physical comedy. As always, it was tough to pick just a few, but these are my highlights, in chronological order:

1. “Jack, I want you to pay close attention to the following over-the-top eyeroll: Oooooh, brother.” That, followed by Liz’s reaction to the photo of 25-year-old Jack, though — “What the what?!” — really puts the whole interaction over the top.

2. “Sorry it took so long to answer. I was just thinking how weird it is that we eat birds.”

3. “Tracy’s is a tactile/kinesthetic learning style.”

4. “My girl has a fat neck!”

5. “They used footage of me from my high school swim team to draw Prince Eric.”

6. “This racquet is a fart!”

7. “I guess I’m only farm strong and not heart strong.”

How about you, PopWatchers? Do you cook salmon with Gatorade?

*The only fun part was the cameo from the show’s actual hair stylist Richard Esposito. Hee.


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