By Adam Markovitz
Updated March 19, 2009 at 07:39 PM EDT

I’ve always been a big fan of Dana Carvey’s stuff, from his virtuoso SNL bits to Wayne’s World to his stand-up specials to…well, okay, not quite to Master of Disguise and Clean Slate, but ALMOST. That’s how much I like him.

So I was a little surprised to hear that The Dana Carvey Show, the ABC sketch series that aired for one season in 1996 before getting canned, is coming out on DVD this May. Why? Because I had no idea the show even existed. Maybe I was too young or too square, but it seems to me the show’s been swept under the pop culture rug without much of the hidden-treasure buzz generated by shows like The State or even The Ben Stiller Show.

After a little research, I’m even more puzzled. The show boasted up-and-coming comedians like Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert, and SNL heavyweight Robert Smigel was a co-exec producer. And, of course, there was Carvey at the helm. So what went wrong?

You tell me, PopWatchers: Is The Dana Carvey Show a forgotten classic? Or was it a one-season dud that should’ve been left in the archives? What are some of your favorite memories from its short run?