By Lynette Rice
Updated December 20, 2019 at 06:10 AM EST

Director Jon Favreau wouldn’t confirm reports that Mickey Rourke will join the cast of the much-anticipated Iron Man 2, but he assured EW that “everyone will be happy with who’ve we got.” Speaking from the red carpet of the March 17 premiere of I Love You, Man in L.A., Favreau acknowledged being a “very big fan” of Rourke — and not just because of his work in The Wrestler.Sin City was when he got on the geek map,” Favreau said. “The Comic-Con crowd knew about his rebirth back from Robert Rodriguez’ film.”

With shooting set to begin within a month, Favreau said he planned to gather the Iron Man 2 cast this week for a little bonding and a whole lot of rehearsing. “I’m getting the old-timers together again and introducing them to new cast members,” he added. “We’re gonna shake the Sherlock outta junior! I’m a little nervous because the first one set a high bar but we have put our all into this so far.”

Favreau acknowledged the script wasn’t complete but “we have a rough basic outline [that is] always evolving as we bring in actors and have rehearsals. I like to adjust it for the specific actors but the action sequences are very far along.” (Reporting by Carrie Bell)