Hannah Montana: The Movie (Soundtrack)

She’s presented at the Oscars, been nominated for a Golden Globe, and warbled in front of an audience of millions at the Grammys. What else could reigning pop baby-diva Miley Cyrus possibly want? Apparently, her own CMA award.

On the soundtrack to Hannah Montana: The Movie, the distance between tween and twang isn’t actually all that far; think of this 18-track collection of mostly new, original songs — divided between Cyrus and her bewigged onscreen alter ego, Hannah Montana, with contributions from Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts — as a sort of country-lite starter kit for her legion of young Disney-fed fans. On tunes like the first single, ”The Climb,” the 16-year-old Tennessee native turns up her homegrown inflections, but a few elongated r‘s won’t exactly shut out her huge pop audience.

Even so, Hannah makes sure to take care of that demographic elsewhere, with slick guitar-heavy confections like ”Let’s Get Crazy,” ”Spotlight,” and ”The Good Life.” And while Cyrus’ deep-fried ”Hoedown Throwdown” is a sort of goofy Hee Haw burlesque, her delicate duet with dad Billy Ray, ”Butterfly Fly Away,” is quietly lovely. The Flatts, meanwhile, deliver smooth acoustic versions of their high-speed do-si-do ”Backwards” and the ruminative ”Bless the Broken Road,” and Swift provides a pretty, yearning ballad, ”Crazier.” But in the end, HMTM is the Miley show — whether it broadcasts from Nashville or Hollywood. B

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Hannah Montana: The Movie (Soundtrack)
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